Dewitt County's Premier Winery

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The Winery


Our wines are carefully hand crafted from the
finest grapes obtainable - from our estate vines,
local growers, and throughout Texas and beyond.


From our grapes we have created these exceptional wines:


Dominate apple & pear notes highlight the aromatics of this delightful Chardonnay,
while pineapple and lemon zest add to the finish. Pairs with chicken, Turkey, pork loin, or scallops.



Exotic tropical fruit & rose petal aromas ó highlighted by sweet citrus flavors. This Viognier enjoys a soft
lime & tangerine note. Pairs with pork chops, river fish, and butter poached shrimp.


Riesling Semi-Sweet

Fresh aromas of apricot & peach - kissed with a touch of sweetness - give this Riesling its personality.
A rich, elegant, & refreshing semi-sweet white wine with a unique character!
Try it with pasta or chicken dishes for a special treat!



Oh My! Sweet Pear and Honeysuckle, with Orange Blossoms and a hint of White Chocolate!
This lively white wine wonít last long once open! Enjoy!


Rhapsody in Red

Elegant and intriguing, this sweet dry red bursts with a rhapsody of lush Blackberry and Dark Cherry flavors!
With just a hint of Oak this is the perfect afternoon wine. Try it with BBQ for a special treat!



Toasted Caramel, Vanilla, Coffee, & Oak, our Sangiovese will pepper your senses with exceptional flavors.
Enjoy this delightful red with steak or grilled foods.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Our Cabernet Sauvignon is Big, Bold, and Beautiful.
Smooth with lightly toasted Oak flavors and a hint of Black Pepper and Cherry,
this exceptional wine is sure to spice up any meal!


Pinot Noir

Fresh and Lively with a silky smooth finish!
This Pinot Noir brings rich, seductive, dark fruit flavors - from Black Cherry to Raspberry to Strawberry! Enjoy!


Farmer's Daughter - Peach Chardonnay

Sassy, Playful, or a Perfect Date Ė you decide! From the Front Poarch Swing or the Tailgate of her Truck,
This Farmerís Daughter is Kissed with Peaches for that Down Home Country Affair Dreams are made of!


Appleooza - Green Apple Riesling

Cool, clean, & crisp - Sweet and tart with a green apple Finish! This refreshing wine is the perfect choice
for a warm summer evening with friends.  Enjoy chilled to rein in all of the flavors!


Lorraine - Watermelon White Merlot

Hot summer nights have met their match! Take a break from the heat with the sweet watermelon flavor of this refreshing wine!
Serve cold and enjoy the cool side of hot! Itís a southern thing!


Twisted Sister Red - Blackberry Merlot

This Twisted Sister rocks anyway you want to roll. With a sweet rift of Blackberry - this dark red plays fragrant notes
that will resonate over and over again. Amp up your evening and enjoy Twisted Sister Red - Chilled or on the rocks!


Blanc Du Bois Dry - Coming Soon! January 2018 Release

From the luscious aromas of pear and citrus, to the tart lemon and grapefruit flavors,
this dry, light Texas white is both crisp and clear.
Try it with pasta or chicken dishes for a special treat!



Blanc Du Bois SemiSweet - Coming Soon! January 2018 Release

Our Semi-Sweet Blanc Du Bois is clear and crisp with citrus flavors throughout!  Lemons & Orange Blossoms lead the
charge of this lively Texas white wine, sure to be a favorite! Enjoy!


Muscat Blanc - Coming Soon! January 2018 Release

Our Muscat Blanc is lush and sweet. Enjoy the  light notes of Peaches, orange blossoms, and roses.
This exceptional Texas wine is sure to be a favorite - serve chilled!


 Carrousel - Coming Soon! January 2018 Release

Our Favorite sweet red ride might well be Carrousel.  This deep red chills well with notes of currant, dark cherry, chocolate, & plum.
Enjoy the merry-go-round of flavors sure to make this one of your Favorite back porch wines.